Bag Raiders and Classixx (pictured above) killed the V lounge in Santa Monica last Saturday. I think the place is shut down now becuase these motherfuckers burned it down. Classixx spun their trademark Disco House, but with a set that contained a lot less of their popular blog bangers than you may expect. But their set and the crowd was not affected by that at all. The floor was packed with a bunch of sweaty, dancing ragers.

And then it was Bag Raiders’ turn to make their live debut. Sometimes when electronic acts bring the “live” aspect into their performance they forget the very important fact that their fans love electronic music, and their set morphs into rock or some other genre. But Bag Raiders did not make that mistake. Their live performance translated very well and was about as dancey and upbeat as you could ask for. Yet another great night of music put on by Collaborative Media and Guns in the Sun. Can’t wait for the next V Lounge Show.


Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars

Bag Raiders – Sunlight

Bag Raiders – Fun Punch (Bag Raiders Remix)

Holy Ghost! – I Will Come Back (Acapulco Classixx Nights Version)

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