21 year-old Ohio Native Jessica Lea Mayfield performed to a Sold-Out crowd at the Troubadour on Friday night. JLM (as us cool kids call her) has been getting a lot of buzz recently with help from KCRW. Not only did they present her show at the Troubadour, but she also stopped by their studio for a live set on Friday and was selected as “Today’s Top Tune” last Thursday. There’s no doubt that Mayfield is a promising song writer, but how comfortable she was on stage and her ability to connect with the crowd was a bit surprising. It was hard for me not to make comparisons to another uprising singer-songwriter Kate Nash, who I saw on that very same stage when she was 21.

With folk rock performances the vibe is usually pretty mellow, but don’t tell that to the shade sporting guitarist who was backing Mayfield. He ended their set with energetic riffs and flashy dance moves. Equally flashy were JLM’s sparkly silver heels, that looked liked something Dorothy might were to the Oz Ball. But fashion trends aside, the most exciting part of the night was when the anxious crowd finally heard “Our Hearts are Wrong”, the jam that lead to the event being sold out in the first place. As soon as the first chord was strum the crowd roared, and most sang along to what I have crowned the Best Song of 2011 (so far). But I doubt Miss Jessica Lea Mayfield will be a one trick pony. Her voice and music are an aural pleasure and let’s not forget… She’s only 21!


Jessica Lea Mayfield – Our Hearts Are Wrong

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