It’s been a big week for LA Hip-Hop. Last Tuesday Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator released his much hyped new album Goblin. Honestly Odd Future and Tyler the Creator is what everyone is talking about right now. Not to be left out in the dark, I took my ass down to the record store and picked it up today. But that wasn’t the only LA Hip-Hop release this month. I also copped the new album Too Cool to Care, the sophomore release from the New Boyz. This release definitely flew a little more under the radar than Goblin, but I have faith in the group who made jerkin a new craze.

But a real tragedy happened a couple of days ago when M-Bone of LA’s Cali Swag District was gunned down and killed. Supposedly the beef was over a girl. I don’t know the details so I won’t speculate, but the word right now is that he was shot by some angry ex-boyfriend. Cali Swag seemed to have a bright future after teaching the world how to Dougie. I was lucky enough to DJ a house party of theirs earlier this year, so I really hope the group can rebound from this and come back even harder.

Cali Swag District – Teach Me How to Dougie

Cali Swag District – Kick Back

Cali Swag District – Where You Are

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