I just saw Beats, Rhymes, & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest over the weekend. And I must say it is easily the best movie I’ve seen all year. It’s poignant, informative, nostalgic, and timeless. And my man Remy aka Michael Rapaport does a great job directing this film. So to celebrate this amazing film I will be posting a video from ATCQ for Music Video Monday. This is their video for Bonita Applebaum, a favorite among the ladies. This is an amazing song, definitely one of Tribe’s best, but check out the Super-retro video. The whole crew is sporting twisties in their hair and dresses like an urban Arrested Development, even the little known Tribe member Jarobi is in this clip! This shit just screams out early 90’s. I love it.l

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