Little Dragon has been my favorite band to emerge in the past 5 years (maybe longer). Lead singer Yukimi Nagano has such a perfect voice I dare you not to fall in love with them. She first lent her angelic voice to Swedish Nu-Jazz group Koop and what may have started off as a side project has become a band destined for greatness. Their new album, Ritual Union, is their first work since shocking the world with their charm on the most recent LP from Gorillaz. On Monday they threw an intimate record release party at the Roxy for the aforementioned album. They played the album in its entirety and graced us with an encore of the best tracks off their previous albums. The concert was perfect. It was my third time seeing these guys and they get better with every performance. Their cohesive energy is something to marvel. At one point Yukimi even ran through the crowd, singing and playing her tambourine. They are climbing up the ranks of not just best new bands, but best bands on the planet. And get it right, Little Dragon is a BAND, not just Yukimi and 3 random Swedish back up musicians.


Little Dragon – Ritual Union

Little Dragon – Little Man

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