“Crystalline” is the first single from Bjork’s forthcoming album Biophilia, and the visually stunning video was directed by her long-time collaborator Michel Gondry. I think Michel and Bjork are the music video equivalent of Scorsese and DeNiro. The perfect tag team.  I actually first got interested in Bjork by watching her music videos. She was always so strange to me, but her music videos were so mind-blowing that I couldn’t stay away. After watching the videos over and over again, I started to pay attention to the lyrics and Bjork’s large, operatic voice.  Don’t get me wrong the chick is bat-shit crazy, but her music is absolutely incredible. And her stuff never gets old, she is always growing as an artist. She’s been doing this since she was a child, and has been a pop star since the 80’s, and she approaches each project, each album with eager eyes and hears. Take note Beyonce. I hope Bjork comes back to LA soon, I that my crazy Icelandic bastard. My guess is we’ll see her back at Coachella in 2012.

One Response to “MVM – BJORK “CRYSTALLINE””

  1. Hi there !
    I just made a simple “drumloop remix”of Bjork’s Moon.
    It’s in my blog, I’d really appreciate your comment or suggestion about that!
    Best regards
    Maestro Billy.

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