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I hadn’t thought about Patra in years, but I was at this party Saturday night and all they were playing was reggae. And it was the good reggae. I’m not the biggest reggae fan, but I do love that hard, bass-heavy dancehall from the 90’s. And that got me thinking about Patra, a real nasty singer from the early 90s whos videos were big on BET. And who was also known for popularizing the “butterfly” dance craze. I love this video though. Through the editing and wardrobe you can easily estimate the production date of this video to be circa 1992. But the crazy thing about retro is that it always comes back. All the young dudes on Crenshaw are sporting flat-tops, hoodless sports sweatshirts, and turkish links. Everyone looks like doughboy from “Boyz in the Hood”. Check out the video and be taken back in time.


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I was watching the “How to Make it an America” season finale last night and they played a track from Smif N Wessun I hadn’t heard in years. The next thing I know I’m Youtube-ing Smif N Wessun looking for a video I remember of them in the bathtub. Eventually I found it, though it was under the new formed alias Cocoa Brovaz. Like Tha Alkaholiks name change to Tha Liks, Smif N Wessun changed their name to the Cocoa Brovaz after backlash from their name being to hood or violent. Whether you know em as Cocoa Bs or Smif N Wessun, this duo from the Boot Camp Clik was one of the more underrated underground Hip-Hop groups of the 90s. And this track Won on Won was actually pretty big time on  BET’s Rap City. Long live Smif N Wessun/Tek & Steele.


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“Beat the Pussy Up” has been burning up the radio and clubs all year and guess I’ve finally just given in and felt like I had to post it. I’m not sure who Love Rance is, but he sounds very similar to a lot of the current pop rap out now that I usually tend to stay away from. I can’t tell the difference between Love Rance, YG, Rej3ctz, Travis Porter, Big Sean, and so on and so on. Guess I’m turning into an old man. The track is infectious and surprisingly smooth, but the stand out is obviously the chorus “I’m a beat the pussy up”. I was raised on Snoop Dogg and I love booty music; baile funk and 2 Live Crew, so I feel right at home with a chorus like that.  And as the extra cherry on top I found a pretty sweet Moombahton remix. Eat it up.

Love Rance – Beat the Pussy Up

Love Rance – Beat the Pussy Up (Mendez Moombahton Remix)


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[vimeo 31087437]

I was visiting this really dope music supervision company Stimmung earlier today and the people working there were watching this new video from Duck Sauce. Duck Sauce, the collaboration between DJ producers Armand Van Helden and A-trak, first made waves with their first single Barbara Streisand. While I wasn’t a huge fan of that song, I have to admit the video for it was pretty amazing. Now they’re back with their second video and single “Big Bad Wolf”. Big Bad Wolf was easily the standout track from their Coachella performance, and it got a lot of play over the recent Halloween weekend.

Warning this video is NSFW and is pretty damn disturbing.


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Raziek is a new DJ/producer out of France who’s productions range from R&B to Hip-Hop  to House. His new EP, “Love vs Bass”, is the best thing I’ve gotten in my inbox in quite a while. The whole EP is dope but I am only going to post “Addiction” to urge you guys to buy the entire thing and support an indie artist. “Addiction”, like every other song on the EP, is Raziek’s own take on popular R&B. He chops and screws Ryan Leslie’s original “Addiction” into a Moombahton-esque dance track. It’s slow and sexy but will still get your booty shaking. Other artists sampled on the EP include Beyonce and SWV.

CLICK HERE to stream the entire EP on Top Billin’

Raziek – Addiction

Ryan Leslie ft. Cassie – Addiction


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I’ve been kinda sleeping on the Music Video Mondays recently but MVM is back. This week I feature the slightly older video “It’s Not the End of the World” from the Welch group Super Furry Animals, which became pretty popular post 9/11/01. The song is a really catchy indie pop-rock jammy, first shared with me by my college buddy Jeremy Summer. The song is good, but the video is a unique, animated journey through history of war. After all on MVM its all about the video. And you what… maybe it is the end of the world SFA.


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Here’s something I stumbled upon while checking out Exxxplosivo DJs music page. “Dream a Little Dream” is a legitimate disco track from Corinne off the Scion A/V label. I don’t know where this chick Corinne came from but she’s taking me back to the early 80’s like Doc Brown. Her au natural disco sound makes me want to hit the club and dance with that hot chick from “Glee”. She must have listened to a lot Donna Summer in the womb, or maybe they did coke together at Studio 54… I have no idea how old Corinne is. But I do know that this track is hot and that Midnight Magic remix is pretty good too.

Corinne – Dream a Little Dream

Corinne – Dream a Little Dream (Midnight Magic Remix)