I was watching the “How to Make it an America” season finale last night and they played a track from Smif N Wessun I hadn’t heard in years. The next thing I know I’m Youtube-ing Smif N Wessun looking for a video I remember of them in the bathtub. Eventually I found it, though it was under the new formed alias Cocoa Brovaz. Like Tha Alkaholiks name change to Tha Liks, Smif N Wessun changed their name to the Cocoa Brovaz after backlash from their name being to hood or violent. Whether you know em as Cocoa Bs or Smif N Wessun, this duo from the Boot Camp Clik was one of the more underrated underground Hip-Hop groups of the 90s. And this track Won on Won was actually pretty big time on  BET’s Rap City. Long live Smif N Wessun/Tek & Steele.

One Response to “MVM – COCOA BROVAZ “WON ON WON””

  1. Hah! This was joint back in the day! Funny, cause I immediately started searching for that other song as soon as the credits rolled last night. Downloaded both from iTunes earlier…thanks for the memories. 90’s hip hop was the best!

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