If you are a long time follower of this blog, I would first like to thank you, and I would also assume that you are familiar with my obsession of Daft Punk. I don’t think this makes me any different from anyone else under the age of 30 who runs a music blog, but I think my obsession may be just a little deeper than most. Recently I have had Daft Punk’s mixes from the late 90’s on constant rotation in my whip. It might surprise you that Daft Punk aren’t actually the best of DJ’s, but their production and music selection is unmatchable. My favorite DP mix is the 1998 NYE Essential Mix on BBC’s Radio 1. It’s 2 hours of the absolute best 90’s house I’ve ever heard. One of the standout tracks is DJ Gregory’s remix of “Venus” by Cheek. It will have you singing “sunshine people we are” for DAYS! Not only is the song phenomenal, but the video is really cool as well. I’m a sucker for animated videos, and this 98 clip is super dated, but it’s a fun good time.

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