DJ Assault is one of the more “popular” architects of ghetto or booty music. The most famous, or infamous, being 2 Live Crew. Booty music is some of my favorite dance music. It blends rough, misogynistic Hip-Hop with heavy dance beats. I don’t think liking this music makes you a misogynist, ironically, booty music is the best music for getting girls dancing (see: Juvenile’s “Back That Ass Up”). What I like most about it, is it’s simplicity. It gets you moving and embraces ideals that I hold dear, like “Ass N Titties” for example. I love both. I tried to explain this phenonemon to my Mom when talking about current rap music. I like Love Rance’s “Beat the Pussy Up” or Ludacris’ lyrics on “Do Something Strange” because I can identify with that, but I have no idea what “Rack City” is, unless it’s a place with a lot of titties. Booty music is also very prominent in Brazil, where they refer to it as Baile Funk, which has become my most recent genre obsession. And if you are looking for other American artists like DJ Assault, I would suggest Justice cohort DJ Funk. Also another great DJ Assault track is “Yo Relatives”, but I think that only exists on vinyl. Now go shake that ass.

DJ Assault – I See Booty

DJ Assault – Ass N’ Titties

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