Dylan Eiland, better known as Le Castle Vania, threw down a monstrous set at Avalon Hollywood last CONTROL Friday. Golden Bloggen was there to capture the mayhem, as eager EDM fans danced the night away and posed for pictures. Check out the photo gallery HERE.

Le Castle Vania is originally from Atlanta, but his sound quickly permeated airwaves around the world starting with the summer of 2006. He has been touring ever since. Those craving dirty, distorted indie-electro first quenched their thirst with his remixes of “Come Out” and “Bombs.” You can tell by the look and sound of Eiland that he is heavily influenced by punk culture. He brings an authentic disco-punk vibe which is all his own to the electro scene. Look out for Le Castle Vania to be smashing a d-floor near you!

You can like him and find his tour schedule on Facebook

Like Avalon Hollywood

DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter – Together (Le Castle Vania + Computer Club Remix)

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