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Grimes is a new female singer out of Montreal who has been making noise in the indie music world of recent. has been pumping her up and posting her singles for the last month. Her new album Visions was released yesterday on 4AD Records. I’ve been listening to the album and it’s a creepy, eclectic mixture of rock and baroque, guaranteed to keep you interested from beginning to end. Her unconventional sound reminds me of other female singers Kimbra, Karin Dreyer, and Joanna Newsom. Some pretty esteemed company to have.

Grimes – Genesis


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I am a die hard Neptunes fan. It extends beyond my love of Pharrell and N*E*R*D and into their associated acts like Kenna, Kelis, Shea Seger, Spymob, Justin Timberlake and the twin brother rapping duo Clipse. One half of Clipse goes by the name of Pusha T. He’s been blowing up on his own and leaving his brother Malice in his dust. He appeared on Kanye’s Fantasy album, performing with him on the VMA’s and at Coachella, and he showed off his acting chops on HBO’s How to Make it in America last season. His latest Mixtape/EP/Album¬†Fear of God II,¬†released at the end of 2011, showcases his impressive mix of grimey, southern rap mixed with top notch production and clever lyrics. A very rare combination in Hip-Hop these days, or at any time really. On “Everything That Glitters” Pusha shows off some impressive wordplay that may require some deciphering with the lines “Few still reminiscing in their CL/Selling Pete Rock/Cruising in their V12.” It’s a real rarity to be hit with a flow that smart from a radio friendly rapper.

Pusha T – Everything That Glitters

Pusha T – Alone in Vegas