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Eva Simons is going to be huge. She already is on everyone’s radar after lending her vocals to Afrojack’s massive blockbuster hit “Take Over Control”. Now she’s back on her own with a new single called “I Don’t Like You”. It’s produced by new rising DJ/Producer Zedd. He comes hard on this track with a (dare I say) Skrillesque sound. It’s definitely that big stadium sound, which always gets the girls dancing at the club. And lets be honest, all that matters is getting the girls dancing at the clubs. “I Don’t Like You” was released on Interscope today so this track is BRAND SPANKING NEW. You’re welcome!

Eva Simons – I Don’t Like You


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One of Miami’s most eagerly anticipated events, Dirtybird’s BBQ and day party at Villa 221, just got even hotter, as legendary rapper and producer, Phife, a founding member of the iconic ATribe Called Quest, has been confirmed for a live performance.

Phife will perform a very special, and very exclusive, vocal set at sundown, featuring some ofTribe’s classic material. Phife adds to the already stellar Dirtybird line-up that includes Claude von Stroke, Justin Martin, Leroy Peppers, Eats Everything, Worthy, Catz N Dogz, J.Phlip, Ardalan, and Justin Jay.
Dirtybird founder Claude von Stroke said: “It’s unbelievable. I am so excited. If you were to ask me one of those hypothetical ‘who would you invite to dinner?’ questions, it would be Quest. It is unreal that to celebrate ten years of Dirtybird BBQs we’ll have Phife performing. It’s literally a dream come true. I can’t wait.”