It’s not even May yet, so this may hold little weight, but this is definitely my favorite track so far this year. Major Lazer’s first single from their forthcoming album was “Original Don”. A dope track but definitely no “Pon De Floor”. Their newest track “Get Free” also sounds nothing like “Pon de Floor”, it actually sounds very little like anything else Major Lazer has released. But I promise you this track is amazing. It features Amber from Dirty Projectors. Amber looks like Joanna Newsom sounds, but her voice is pretty damn dreamy. The one thing I’ve learned from the new Major Lazer track is that white people making reggae has never sounded so good. Not even Snow’s “Informer” can touch this one.

Major Lazer ft. Amber of Dirty Projectors – Get Free

Major Lazer – Get Free (Alexx Foxx & DJ Embassy Remix)

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