Time for some slow girl! Malaysian artist Yuna brings one of the smoothest songs of the year. It’s so damn good, I’ve been meaning to post this for months. It’s dream pop at it’s best. Think a dancier, funkier Concretes or Bic Runga. That funkiness comes from super-producer and Neptune Pharrell Williams. I don’t know how Pharrell always finds himself in the middle of the coolest shit on earth, but he does it again. I’ve heard a couple other tracks off Yuna’s self-titled album, released last week, and this lady is no fluke. She makes some really beautiful music, and she seems to be very musically in tuned. I can hear influences from Massive Attack and Bjork and she also covers Kanye West. This girl is for real!

Yuna ft. Dizzee Razcal – Live Your Life (prod. by Pharrell Williams)

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