Fun.’s “We Are Young” has been blowing up the charts and airwaves all year. It’s been in advertisements, in movies, spoofed on Youtube and played at every Bar Mitzvah of 2012. It’s just everywhere. I really like the song, but I tried play it in the club the other week and it was just a little too corny for my set. Well in step Party Ben and MyKill. Their remix gives the jam that perfect edge and danceability it was lacking. Props to Fun. and Janelle Monae for recording a great song, but Party Ben and MyKill are making this the party jam of the summer. It’s groovy enough for the pool party but it is DEFINITELY ready for the Dancefloor. Hey, they don’t call them Party Ben for nothing. And MyKill must be short for MyKill the dancefloor. Loving this track.

CLICK HERE to check out more hotness from MyKill’s soundcloud page.

Fun. ft Janelle Monae – We Are Young (Party Ben and MyKill Remix)

One Response to “WAY MORE FUN.”

  1. You hit the nail on the head with this one! Nice cut

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