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Posted in MUSIC on August 13, 2012 by Keyvon


Today I’m posting some 80’s R&B (80’s Groove) inspired house music. In the 80’s after disco died, a poppy R&B sound started to take over black pop music which some later referred to as 80’s Groove.¬†Disco House, house music heavily based around classic disco samples, is a pretty popular style. But I’m just starting to hear this Groove House sound emerge, and I love it. I’m not old enough to remember disco, but these 80’s R&B samples are straight from my childhood, and I am loving this shit. ¬†80’s groove over some modern loungey dance music. Hell yeah. Definitely check out all the shit from Soho808, Viceroy and Maceo Plex, and please feel free to share tracks and other artists who are running with this emerging genre.