A couple months ago I heard a new Ariel Pink song and was floored. I’ve never been a big fan of Ariel Pink or his Haunted Graffiti, but this song “Baby” of his was amazing. What was so special about this song? Well for one, it featured soulful LA crooner Dam Funk. And for two it was a cover of a Donnie and Joe Emerson song from 1979. I didn’t know who the hell Donnie and Joe Emerson were until last month when I heard their version of “Baby” used in the Rashida Jones (pictured above) movie Celeste and Jesse Forever. I was in the movie freaking out like what is this version? This ain’t no Ariel Pink. But… while searching for the super hard to find Ariel Pink version, I did stumble upon this groovy ass remix from Chicago/Boston producer Yung Pharoah. Click his name to sample more of his trippy, laidback beats. And the new Ariel Pink album “Mature Themes” dropped last month so you can cop it and leave that “Baby” on repeat.

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  1. […] a long story behind this song which can be found HERE. The bottom line is Ariel Pink covered a great 70′s song. And I can’t separate it from […]

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