The hottest indie band on the planet right now, Beach House, performed 2 sold out shows at the Wiltern this past week. The Baltimore-based duo of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally (accompanied by a sick drummer) threw down the most perfectly performed haunting dream pop you may ever hear. Their sound lives somewhere in the world of Blonde Redhead, Mazzy Star and to some extent even Radiohead. Not quite electronic, not quite rock, but undeniably infectious. Honestly I can’t even make out Victoria’s words (or her face) most of the time, but the emotion she evokes with her beautiful voice is unparalleled.

The majority of the show seemed to be sprinkled with tracks from their 4 albums, but towards the end of the set was when the fireworks really started. Their penultimate song “Myth” from the new album Bloom, has my vote for best song of the year so far. They ended the show with what I consider to be their best and most popular track, the legendary “10 Mile Stereo”. The crowd was floored. Their exit was heart-breaking, but short lived. For their encore and true conclusion Victoria violently whipped her wild hair back and forth sending everyone into a fine frenzy before abruptly exiting for good. Whether it’s called shoegaze or dream pop or some 2013 phrase no one has coined yet, this band Beach House is one of my picks for best band out right now. No one is touching them. Great fucking show!


Beach House – 10 Mile Stereo (right-click to download)

2 Responses to “BEACH HOUSE @ THE WILTERN”

  1. Love your music. I enjoy just listening to it! very relaxing. Keep on moving! and i u wanna check my band get here

  2. […] list this year. You can see the photos and read my review of their September show at the Wiltern HERE. Lead singer Victoria Legrand has a voice so sexy and haunting that I can’t really compare it […]

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