It’s good to see real house music taking over again. The Sahara Tent at Coachella this year was like EDC Lite. I miss the good ol’ days of Masters at Work, Felix the Housecat and Daft Punk throwing down in the dance tent. Thanks to acts like Disclosure, Soul Clap, and Azari & III, real house music is making a comeback.

Azari & III (pronounced “third”, not ill or three) stopped thru Drai’s in Hollywood for a DJ set this past weekend and brought me back to the late 90s when I heard house for the first time. The Canadian collective has a very interesting roster or producers and performers. I’m guessing their DJ set doesn’t fully match how wild their live show is going to be at Dim Mak Studios tonight, but the music was on point all night none-the-less. The huge pool, rooftop view overlooking Hollywood Blvd., and constant string of top notch DJs make Drai’s the sexiest and most scenic club in the Los Angeles.


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