This is a remix of a track by new artist Daughter that I received in my inbox last month. I dropped this during my DJ set at Wurstkuche on Sunday, and someone asked what it was. That’s when you know you got a keeper. Daughter is an indie rock trio from London, and their original track is nowhere near as pulsing as this. I gotta give Alle Farben props for his slow, but funky remix. But Elena Tonra’s airy, dream-like voice would sound good over anything. Slow Girl (girl-tinged electronica) is one of my favorite genres, I probably have more female vocalists in the library than anyone I know. This, along with Polica, is some of the best Slow Girl I’ve heard all year.

2 Responses to “DAUGHTER”

  1. When do we reach the point where creating names for new genres is no longer helpful, but just arbitrary? Does Slow Girl mean that most electronica is male-tinged? What does female-tinged even mean, other than having a female vocalist? …and where did the term come from?

    I feel like that came off stronger than I wanted it to – keep the tunes coming =].

    And Daughter are a great band. This is a really great remix – I wish I knew places in my area that played music like this and not just electro house or Top 40.

    • Slow girl is a term I coined to describe one of my favorite genres. Theres this blurry ground between singer-songwriter and female vocalized electronica. Like somewhere between Feist and Portishead. Psapp is also a great example. There wasnt a name for it, so I made one up

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