I’m constantly looking for new music and thus discover new genres all the time (I posted on the new genre Trap recently). My favorite genre discovery of 2012 was Kwaito. Though, definitely not a new genre, it’s new to me. Kwaito, or South African house music, is actually the pop music for black people in South Africa. And I fully understand because a lot of it sounds like Usher and some other American R&B artists. The sound is a nice mix of 120 BPM house grooves and R&B, but theres also some African and Caribbean sounds like steel drums going on there.  It’s perfect, sexy dance music. And the lyrics always seem to be on point. Very simple, beautiful love ballads. If you like house and R&B, this is the best of both worlds.

And look out for me spinning at Wurstkuche in Venice tonight. I’ll be playing my favorite songs of 2012 and celebrating my birthday. Come thru for some good tunes.

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