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Wild Belle is a duo from Chicago that makes some awesome dreamy, dub flavored electronic pop. They’re a little more laid back but they fit right in there with the St. Lucias and Friends of the world that have been sprouting up more and more over the last year. Like almost every artist I’ve been posting recently, they will be playing at Coachella. They are also currently touring the country with that other amazing electronic pop artist Toro Y Moi. Big things in the future for this band. They’re like Metric for stoners. And Metric seems to be doing pretty well.


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The long awaited, yet unexpected return from Postal Service is finally upon us. After revealing that they will be playing at Coachella 10 years after releasing their debut album, they drop their new single “A Tattered Line of String”. The duo of Ben Gibbard and Dntel are back in business, and according to Wiki, Jenny Lewis is the female voice featured on this track. Which begs the question… Will ex-Rilo Kiley frontwoman be performing with Postal Service at Coachella? She is a Coach regular and from the So-cal area. So fingers crossed.


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A friend just sent me this video of a super catchy song by German singer DENA. “CDRSP” is one of the best new songs I’ve heard this year and like my recent post of a video from ADI, this reminds me a lot of M.I.A. Apparently M.I.A. is having a profound effect on female musicians from Eastern Europe. The single was released on Kitsune a last week with remixes from Robot Koch among others. Pick it up HERE.


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I love Tegan & Sara. I’ve seen them almost 10 times over the last 10 years. I love their bickering on stage and how they finish each others sentences like the musical version of the Sklar Brothers. Their new album “Heartthrob”, like all their other albums, is a fun collection of girl pop. They never change up their style too much. With T&S you know what you’re going to get, 10 or 12 three-minute perfect pop songs. But they have matured on stage. Their set was way more dancey than any performance I’ve seen from them. And of course their fanbase of frantic female fans who know all the words continues to grow. If you missed them at Club Nokia last Friday, make sure you catch them at Coachella in April.



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Dude get’s a bad rap sometimes but I think Drake is overall a pretty talented musician. He’s a pretty good rapper and he’s a big music fan with a really good ear for music. He’s not the best singer but he sings a pretty damn good hook every now and then. He just released the first track from his upcoming third album called “Started From the Bottom”. I’m not sure starring on Degrassi is so close to the bottom, but maybe he’s talking about something else. Please share your comments on the track below.