Wild Belle is a duo from Chicago that makes some awesome dreamy, dub flavored electronic pop. They’re a little more laid back but they fit right in there with the St. Lucias and Friends of the world that have been sprouting up more and more over the last year. Like almost every artist I’ve been posting recently, they will be playing at Coachella. They are also currently touring the country with that other amazing electronic pop artist Toro Y Moi. Big things in the future for this band. They’re like Metric for stoners. And Metric seems to be doing pretty well.

3 Responses to “WILD BELLE”

  1. I saw them perform a while ago and they were awesome! I’m also a huge fan of their new album “Isles.” The whole thing is being streamed on this blog right now: http://smarturl.it/WBCurrent

  2. Really good. She reminds me of Roison Murphy.

  3. […] It’s not really super dancey, but it is sexy and its got a nice groove to it. I posted their Wild Belle remix earlier this year. They recently released a beautifully haunting remix of “The […]

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