It was a long journey getting to Austin for SXSW last weekend but it was well worth the trip. It was one of the most interesting festivals I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t really call it a festival, more like a city-wide music celebration. It’s how I imagine New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Every shoe store, coffee shop, clothier, or bar rooftop becomes a venue. It was pretty amazing. There were secret shows from Prince w/ A Tribe Called Quest and Justin Timberlake w/ Questlove and RJD2. I couldn’t talk my way into either of those, but there was tons of free music, so definitely no need to buy a badge for $600+. I got to check out Flaming Lips and Jim James for free, and afterwards a guy begged me to come to the rooftop of the W for a free Green Day show, but I fucking hate Green Day. Other super notables include Toro y Moi and St. Lucia. But I was pretty blown away by 17 year old XXYYXX (pictured above). I loved his trap heavy electronica he was dropping all night. He really got the crowd on his side. I see big things for this dude. Maybe a collaboration with the likes of an A$ap or Kendrick in the near future.


One Response to “SXSW RECAP”

  1. Wicked track, well played!

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