Scottish band Camera Obscura came to the Wiltern on Tuesday with a very pregnant lead singer, to promote their new album Desire Lines. Their sound is very similar to fellow Scots, Belle & Sebastian, who helped produce their debut full-length over 10 years ago. Camera doesn’t really knock your socks off with their stage presence. They’re a very calm and subdued band focused on sounding good and being in sync. The only member with a lot of energy was the tambourine/trumpet player. But you couldn’t tell that from the crowd’s response. It must have been some time since the band has come to LA, because the audience was uproarious. You would have thought you were at a Black Sabbath show. They would scream and cheer anytime any of the band members performed a solo, and new the words to all of band’s singles. The Wiltern’s stage seemed a little big for the band, but they needed the size of that house for all their devoted fans. I give the crowd an A, but the live performance, thought sonically perfect, was lacking in enthusiasm.


Camera Obscura – Do It Again (right-click to download)

Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken (right-click to download)

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