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Posted in MUSIC on February 26, 2014 by Keyvon


Some of you might be aware of my obsession to snag as many Aaliyah remixes as possible. Well, here is another one. This time Aaliyah gets a thumping, funky deep-ish house remake by Ferdinand Webber and Fabich. The track is fittingly titled “Aaliyah”. This one is primed for dancefloor. It gets my ass shaking anyway.


Posted in MUSIC on February 20, 2014 by Keyvon

How come the best R&B recently has been made by white boys. First inc, now James Vincent McMorrow and Shy Girls get in on the act. It’s great though? Not since Jon B have I been this hyped for some “Blue-eyed soul”.  I’m kidding of course, but these songs seem to be heavily inspired by R&B, not just soul music, but that R. Kelly/ D’Angelo drop your panties shit. These are a couple smooth, slow tracks that I can’t get enough of. Consume!


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Downtempo electronica icons Rae & Christian just released their first original material in over 10 years. The duo was a big name in the late 90’s and early 00’s in the now pretty much defunct electronica game. The lead-off track “Happy” from their new album ‘Mercury Rising’ is an infectious, poppy, slightly disco tune featuring Mark Foster of Foster the People. I heard this song over a month ago and find myself singing it randomly all the time. It just stays with you. It’s a surprising jam from the duo, but shows they are still relevant and can adapt with new sounds.


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This was just released today! One of the greatest music video directors of all time, Michel Gondry, directed Metronomy’s new video “Love Letters”. “Love Letters” is the first single off Metronomy’s new album of the same name due out March 10th. The video has Michel’s trademark one-take shot and Metronomy doing their usual trippy, tongue-in-cheek pop that still comes off as experimental and indie. But this tune is a catchy one. Be on the look out for Metronomy’s new album and their LA stop at the Fonda Theater on June 15th.