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Kraftwerk – Kraftwerk are widely considered the inventors of Electronic music. They have been making music since the 70’s and are one of the biggest influences on Hip-Hop and Dance music. Their songs have been sampled by Zulu Nation, Jay-Z, J Dilla, and about everyone else on the planet. And though they might be the most influential band in dance music, the problem is they are just too old. They have little to do with the current wave of dance music sweeping the states (which was the main criteria for the countdown). They are probably one of the biggest influences for every artist on this list, but again, I don’t think their sound has much to do with the current sound of dance music.

Kraftwerk – The Man Machine

Diplo – Diplo is the polar opposite of Kraftwerk. Instead of being too old, the guy is just too new. But his influence can not be denied. He is working with just about everyone who is breaking through in this current blog music wave. He has been M.I.A.’s right hand man for years, works with Crookers frequently, made a ton of splash with his Santigold mixtape, and is popping up on everyone’s radar with his current project Major Lazer. I’m just wondering when this dude gets to sleep. He’s an unrivaled producer and one of the best DJ’s on the planet.

Diplo – Diplo Rhythm

Basement Jaxx – Basement Jaxx are one of the best dance groups in the game. They can smooth it out with some Chill-out that sounds like Air or turn it up with some crazy dance music that will rival Fatboy Slim. Their absence from the list has to do with their lack of crossover success. Besides their singe “Where’s Your Head At?” they do not have much recognition in the states with non-dance heads. But overseas they are legends. I was lucky enough to catch a Basement Jaxx show in their hometown of London, and goddamn it was one of the best shows and most hyped crowds I’ve ever seen.

Basement Jaxx – Where’s My Head At?