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Posted in CONCERTS with tags , , , on November 1, 2010 by Keyvon

Halloween was last night and so was the much anticipated HARD Haunted Mansion featuring headliners Underworld. I wasn’t fortunate enough to score tix to last night’s show but I did gain access to Saturday night’s festivities. I’ve been covering HARD’s events for over 3 years now. Besides covering their shows for my own sites, I’ve covered HARD events for LA Weekly, Campus Circle,, and more. You would think they would show me some love or at least treat me with some respect by now, but apparently not.

I was on my way to see one of my favorite live DJ acts, Crookers (who followed Diplo, because Mr. Oizo couldn’t make it). I get into the photo pit and the security guards tell me to wait on the side until Crookers came on. After about 5 minutes some fat, bald biker looking dude, rocking some stupid pointy beard and a earpiece rolls up on me claiming to be the “head of security.” Dude looked like he should be working at Guitar Center or playing in a Metallica cover band. He says “get the fuck out of here or I’m gonna rip that photo pass off your shirt.” He wouldn’t give me an explanation but forced me to leave. He didn’t ASK me to leave, just yelled at me and acted like he was gonna beat me up. What the fuck? They asked me to come out and cover the event, then they treat me like shit when I try to take photos of their recycled, mislabeled acts. REALLY?!! So like many of you proclaimed after HARD Summer was canceled last year, I think this will be my last HARD Fest.