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Posted in MUSIC with tags on April 14, 2010 by Keyvon

The exceptional Slow Girl/Electronica band Husky Rescue released their new album Ship of Light earlier this year and its so damn silky and smooth. The first I heard from Husky Rescue was on Music Choice’s ‘Electronica’ channel. Music Choice is the series of music-only channels that come with Cable TV, and their Electronica channel use to play the best music. But recently they combined it with their wack ass Dance channel which plays a lot of bad Euro Trance and Dance Pop remixes. Its just not the same. Anyway, glad to see a band that I almost forgot about it is back. Hope that really sick Twelves remix is enough to break them in the states.

Husky Rescue – Sound of Love

Husky Rescue -Fast Lane


Husky Rescue – Sound of Love (Twelves Remix)

Husky Rescue -Summertime Cowboy (Serge Santiago Remix)