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Posted in MUSIC with tags , on April 12, 2010 by Keyvon

My favorite time of the year is here. The Coachella Valley Music Festival begins this Friday motherfuckers! If you don’t have your ticket by now, you missed out because Coachella has officially sold out. This is the first year they offered 3-day passes only, and the fans ate em up like hotcakes. The toughest thing about Coachella is deciding which bands you’re gonna have to miss, cuz trust me there will be schedule conflicts. The very first band I will be seeing at this year’s festival will most likely be Proxy. He is definitely high on the list of acts I’m most excited for. The Russian DJ known for his super-heaters “Dance In Dark” and “Raven” dropped off this unreleased John Roman remix of his track “8000.” And Proxy if you’re reading this… that’s gona be you in that picture in 4 days. You ready man?

Proxy – 8000 (John Roman Lost Tourist Dub)