Moby – Bodyrock (1999)
Dir. Fredrik Bond

Coming in as the #4 Most Influential Dance Artist is Moby, the only American on the list. This might be a surprise to some, especially those familiar with Moby’s recent lighter works, but the dude was very prominent in the techno scene in the early 90’s. His most impressive trait is his ridiculous versatility. He can make a hard dance track and then smooth it out with a song that sounds like a 60’s soul record. He broke through to the mainstream in 1999 with the incredible success of his SIXTH studio album Play. I fell in love after hearing Play’s “Porcelain” when it was used in Danny Boyle’s film The Beach. After he gained some pop success, he gained even more notoriety when he and Eminem had a huge beef at the VMA’s which escalated after Em muttered the line “No one listens to techno” on his huge single “Without Me.” Nowadays a bald white guy with thick black glasses can’t even walk the streets without everyone pointing and calling him Moby.

Moby – Porcelain

Moby – Pale Horses

Moby – Why Does My Heart Hurt So Bad?

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