Golden Bloggen Podcast #3

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This week we delve into some House and Electro as well as some Soul inspired Hip-Hop and female folk rock. With songs from Ghostface Killah, Solange, Mondo Cozmo, Reverie Sound Revue, Cassius and much more.

Golden Bloggen Radio – Podcast #2

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This is the second episode of world famous Golden Bloggen Radio. We take a ride through some different genres of Hip Hop and Hip Hop inspired tracks. Some Dilla, Bosco, Wu-Tang, NxWorries, Kelis, Kaytranada, and much more. Blaze one and enjoy!

Golden Bloggen Radio – Podcast #1!!!

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Don’t call it a comeback. I been here for years. This is the launch of GOLDEN BLOGGEN RADIO!

I recently took a hiatus from blogging, but kept DJing and never stopped my musical exploration. DJing has been going great, but I was missing publicly sharing music with everyone. Since leaving KCRW, I felt I needed a similar radio outlet. So the podcast was born. This is the very first episode y’all. These will either be weekly or bi-monthly, but for now enjoy episode 1. I talk about best songs and trends of the millennium so far. Tracks from Gorillaz to Drake to N*Sync. With lots of Dilla in between!


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New electronic artist Figgy has been making some very interesting remixes. He has recently released some original material that should also receive some serious attention. He has a ton of free downloads on his Soundcloud page. Hurry over and snatch em up before he wises up and makes you pay for this heat.


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New pop dance shit from Kiesza. It reminds me of Jess Glynne. Bear witness to the Post-Disclosure EDM scene. I’m a fan.


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Slinger be slinging them heaters. A couple weeks ago, an exceptional remix of The Kooks’ “Around Town” by Slinger fell into my inbox. It caught my attention immediately. A couple days ago Slinger hit gold again when he remixed my latest crush Jess Glynne’s new solo effort “Right Here”. Just for you, I have both remixes below. I think this new electronic producer has a lot of promise. His sonic choices are impressive. He doesn’t overwhelm you with pulsing bass, he has unique sounds, and stays dancey while remaining melodic. Can’t wait to see what the kid comes up with next. 




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I just got back from Copenhagen, Denmark, where I went for a week to check out the epic Roskilde music festival. The headliners included The Rolling Stones, Outkast, Stevie Wonder, Arctic Monkeys, Major Lazer and Damon Albarn. Drake’s bitch ass was supposed to headline but cancelled due to a yeast infection, so he was replaced by Jack White. The festival was bananas, and very dirty. Girls and boys were peeing in public on every tree and wall in site, and the camp grounds looked more like a refugee camp. But that’s the fun of a music festival. I always keep my ear to the ground in a new country and stumbled upon this dope house track from Route 94 that I heard on Copenhagen radio. I know nothing about this dude, but found myself singing the song all weekend. Hope you enjoy!