I hadn’t thought about Patra in years, but I was at this party Saturday night and all they were playing was reggae. And it was the good reggae. I’m not the biggest reggae fan, but I do love that hard, bass-heavy dancehall from the 90’s. And that got me thinking about Patra, a real nasty singer from the early 90s whos videos were big on BET. And who was also known for popularizing the “butterfly” dance craze. I love this video though. Through the editing and wardrobe you can easily estimate the production date of this video to be circa 1992. But the crazy thing about retro is that it always comes back. All the young dudes on Crenshaw are sporting flat-tops, hoodless sports sweatshirts, and turkish links. Everyone looks like doughboy from “Boyz in the Hood”. Check out the video and be taken back in time.

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