I have been listening to a lot from this unknown genre that blends R&B vocals with dirty electronic beats. I haven’t seen a definitive name to describe this style, but I’ve seen words like 90s R&B, Electronica, and Garage used when these bands tag their genre. I just don’t think that fully encompasses the sound. I came up with the phrase ‘Slow Girl’ to describe the genre that dances the fine line between female singer-songwriter and electronica, now I’m coining the phrase ‘Boom-Snap’. I can best describe it as Brandy meets Tricky. No one is reinventing the wheel here, but there is just this sound that I’ve been hearing more and more these days, and I’m really loving it. It’s very British, it’s very American, some tracks are dancey, some are chilled out. But I hope to hear a lot more from these artists (AlunaGeorge, Raziek, and 14th) and others like them in the near future.

RAZIEK – STEPPIN UP  (right-click to download)


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