I have praised Rap Goddess Iggy Azalea for a couple years now, even jumping to calling her possibly the greatest female rapper of all-time. Though that argument is up for discussion, what is not up for discussion is Iggy’s undeniable sex appeal and her amazing ass. Though the latter is not fully on display in this video (like in most of the artist’s other videos), she actually might have delivered her best video to date: A spot-on spoof of the 1995 classic Clueless. Iggy plays Alicia Silverstone’s iconic Cher, and the scene’s are shot on the same location as the film, using identical scenes and what seems to be even the same house as the Valley house party! It is truly an amazing video. Gonna be hard to top this one in 2014.


  1. Iggy doesn’t need to show her ass to dominate in the female rap scene; she can spit – have you seen her stripped version of “Work”? Definitely killed it with this video – watching it made me want to watch Clueless again! This isn’t my favorite of her tracks, but its def the best video I’ve seen from her in a while. Its been cool watching her gain more mainstream traction.

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