It seemed like Italian DJ’s were going to steal all the dance thunder away from the Frenchies. Acts like Crookers and Bloody Beetroots are blowing up and ruling DJ mixes. But Don Rimini

said ENOUGH! Even though his name sounds Italian, dude is from Paris. And he is bringing that dirty Italian sound to his countrymen. But more importantly he is bring that sound to L.A. tomorrow night on his U.S. tour. He will be performing at the Roxy opening for local DJ’s Guns N’ Bombs for HARD presents Turkey Soup
Rave On is the single from his new EP “Kick N’ Run” on Delicious Gutter Records. I picked it up from the best dance record store in L.A., Turntable Lab. Shit is just some dope hype dance. 

One of everybody’s favorite 80s dance songs gets a rave remix. It’s actually taken from the album “RMXXOLOGY,” where dance producers breathe new life into some Hip-Hop classics from Delicious Vinyl artists (Pharcyde, Masta Ace).
He makes a remix of Ghostbusters? That’s just funny.
And of course Golden Bloggen faves Crookers have something to do with it.

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