Nothing new here, just a couple of the best tracks from one of my favorite producers I discovered last year. German DJ/Producer Moulinex has a knack for making groovy disco tracks that just get you dancing. Sexy synths, heavy basslines, and that New Wave/Disco party feel. It’s hard to beat.
He also has a side project with Xinobi called D.I.S.C.O. Texas who made their U.S. debut last month in Philly and NYC. But no L.A. love! Come on Mooly, when you coming out to the West Coast.

Cut Copy – Lights and Music (Moulinex Remix)

Sebastian Tellier – Kilometer (Moulinex Remix)
Here’s a great mix Moulinex did last year that contains some of the best dance tracks of ’07 and ’08 (Even though it came out in 07. Thats how ahead of the game this dude is). I couldn’t get this shit out of my head or out of my car. Everyone should stalk this guy like I do.
Moulinex – Libere La Femme Vol. II Mixtape

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