Futurecop! came back to LA last Saturday to grace us with their mystical, magical 80’s induced synth-pop as they rocked the the Echoplex. It was my first time seeing them live and it definitely wont be my last. Peep the their teaser video from that night and listen to the song from the video below.

Futurecop! – Transformers

I sat down to interview the guys before the show. Here’s what they had to say.

How did Futurecop start?

Peter: It started about 3 years ago with Manzur, then about a year later I joined him.

Were you guys in different bands first?

Peter: Manz was in a punk band and I was just DJing.

Where did the name Futurecop! come from?

Peter: We just thought it sounded cool, retro, nostalgic. People ask us what it means, but there is no hidden depth to it!

You seem to have a lot of love for the 80s TV shows and music.

Peter: Yeah thats our biggest influence is 80s music.

What are some of your favorite TV shows and cartoons from the 80s?

Peter: Ohhh. Thudercats, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Galaxy High. The intro to Galaxy High is really cool. Films: Goonies, Transformers The Movie, Breakfast Club, Short Circuit

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Peter: Hair bands from LA like Van Halen or Guns N Roses, things like that. We like Human League, the British bands, The Cure, The Smiths, anything with the synths in it with the rock, those kind of combination is cool. Contemporary things would be like Cut Copy or… who else do we like? We love Justice we love Daft Punk.

(Manzur sat down and joined the interview)

What new artists are you listening to now?

Manzur: I listen to old artists. I like Lykke Li.

Peter: Yo Majesty! are great at the moment.

Manzur: I like a lot of emo bands.

Peter: Cut Copy, Chromeo are wicked.

Manzur: Saves the Day. Weezer new stuff

Both: MGMT

(Added Later: Midnight Juggernauts, Fred Falke, Diamond Cut)

Any new singles that have caught your ear? Any new dance songs or pop songs?

Manzur: Dance songs thats him (points to Peter)

Peter: Santogold is pretty good. Lifelike remixes I always dig. Any Miami Horror. Miami Horror always makes like the best stuff.

Who influenced your live performance or DJ style?

Manzur: Live performance like 80s stuff. Fantasy 80s, like Neverending Story, like the movies.

Peter: DJ style? 2 Many DJs, Soulwax, Justice.

Manzur: Here’s the bottom line. He’s into the dance stuff and I’m not. Im not really into club and dance music. I’m into indie music. He knows about the dance stuff.

You have released music on Southern Fried & I Heart Comix.

Do you have a crew of DJ friends or label mates that you hang out with?

Peter: No we don’t really. We just signed. The release just came out on the 25th of January so we are kinda new to the scene. We know Frankie (Chan), We know Toxic Avenger, Hearts Revolution. We’re still kinda building. There’s no one really like us.

Whats up with the title of the EP? “The Unicorn & the Lost City of Alvograth”

Manzur: We wanted to make it like a film. I wanted to make the title just out there. I want people to get really pissed off about it and other people to just love it. That’s the idea of it.

Peter: It doesn’t mean anything. It just sounds cool.

Can we expect a full-length anytime soon?

Manzur: Yes soon. We’re actually talking to people right now. We’re working with loads of vocalists, but some were not what we were looking for. It’s taking quite a while.

Who would you love to work with on the new album?

Peter: Chromeo, Cut Copy, Lykke Li

Manzur: I want to work with like weird people. Like emo bands. Might be something going on there.

Peter: Maybe do something with someone like Treasure Fingers. Collaborating.

Manzur: Maybe not. I want to be a bit different. Not the same thing everyone else is doing. I’m a bit indie rock influenced. Even metal. I would love to work with Funeral for a Friend. Or Weezer, oh fucking hell, I would love to work with them. Like old school Pavement or Nada Surf. Peter he’s like no. Thats why we’re so good cuz he likes the dub stuff and I like the indie stuff. It works quite well

Peter: We would work with absolutely anyone.

Manzur: Not anyone. I would love to work with Mariah Carey. I really love the mid 90’s Mariah Carey. I fucking love that shit. Remember Honey? I love that

Haha, (Peter’s) not feeling it. So you’re (Manzur) more of the pop, indie rock guy and (Peter’s) more the dance, electronica guy?

Peter: I like pop music as well.

Manzur: He took me to Fabric once. He loves the dance music. He took me to Fabric that big dance club, I think its shit. That minimal house I don’t understand it. Everyones like (mocking beats) “doo-doo-do-do-doo-do.” Same bloody song for one hour. I think it’s a bit bullshit basically. But that’s why we work really good.

Yeah it’s a good contrast. Well I’m out of questions. Anything else you want to say?

Peter: We’re really looking forward to the American Tour. We’re happy to be over here. We’re coming to a city near you in America so watch out.

Check out this video of the second half of the interview:

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